In 2021, the NGO Designing Hope has been entrusted by Paris Habitat to organise and run a 300 m2 garden in the heart of the Villiot-Rapée residence for a period of four years.
The aim is to make it a place for living and discovering biodiversity and nature, for the children of the residence, but also occasionally for young visitors from the neighbourhood.
A circular Green Theatre in the centre of the garden is intended to welcome the children of the “Centre Paris Amin” (CPA) of the neighbourhood on Wednesday afternoons, to carry out discovery activities around nature (land art, mime, open-air theatre…).
A Mandala, vegetable garden designed in the shape of a flower, will evolve with the seasons and contributions of the children. In its centre, a planted teepee will also constitute a play area for the children.
Growing trays, with metal supports to encourage vertical cultivation, will be placed in the sunniest part of the garden.

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Future set-in-nature theatre is underway at the Traversine Villiot garden

The Traversine garden will soon host a mini set-in-nature theatre ! First step: cutting out and colouring the paper templates that will bring to life all the stories that the children made up. Fairies, boares, feathers, pumpkin houses, she-warriors… that … Read More

Diversity, a message carried by the children of the Bercy school

Last week, children from the Bercy school gathered at the Traversine Villiot to proudly hold up the letters of the word “Diversity” topped with flowers, replicas of the “Porte-Bonheurs” (Lucky charms) designed by Thebe Magugu, that they decorated by themselves. 

Furnishing the Traversine Villiot’s nature theatre

Six 1,20 metre-long wooden benches were built by Designing Hope, a good opportunity to improvise a carpentry workshop with the young people and the educators of the Jeunesse Feu Vert foundation. The theatre will be fitted out with these benches … Read More

Construction of the children’s theatre at the Traversine Villiot garden

Now that the mound is in shape, it is time to set up the nature theatre. This 4.5 metre-diameter metal structure will be entirely vegetated with woven willow and honeyhsuckle. The metal structure has been designed in such a way … Read More

Weeding work is over at the Traversine Villiot garden

Throughout the summer, we worked the soil within a depth of more than 30cm to remove all the roots of couch grass, nettles and brambles, as well as the stones that got in our way when loosening the soil. The … Read More

Landscaping of the mound in the Traversine Villiot garden.

Now that the whole plot has been carefully weeded, it is time to redesign the garden. First step: work on the mound. On the street side, the garden forms a mound that we decided to preserve and harmonise to create … Read More

A new Traversine garden in the 12th arrondissement of Paris

On 5 July 2021, Designing Hope signed an agreement with Paris Habitat to take charge of the development of a garden in the Villiot-Rapée residence. This new garden is named Traversine Villiot and is a logical complement to the first … Read More

A mural in the Traversine Villiot garden

To go along with the arrival of our educational garden in Villiot, Paris Habitat commissioned an artist, accompanied by two young people from the Jeunesse Feu Vert foundation working in an educational project, to create a mural. Until we get … Read More