Implementing compost at Yagma

The implementation of the activities linked to the project of creating an agro-forestry garden at Lycée Sainte Marie de Yagma in the outskirts of Ouagadougou, started with the support of The Ivory Foundation in March 2017.
APAF Burkina, the local NGO in charge of implementing this project, mobilized and sensitized all the stakeholders : the school’s management, the members of the Parents’ Association, and the women identified to manage the school canteen of the Lycée also financed by The Ivory Foundation.


This implication of all actors enabled a quick start of the project.

The first APAF field mission was to create a composting area.
4 composting trenches were digged, and the ingredients needed to make the compost were collected (straw, dead leafs, poultry feathers, manure). The compost was made using the same principle as Laafi.
Pupils and parents were made aware of the role of compost in soil fertilization, the benefits of market gardening and the possibility for them to learn vegetable production techniques from the vegetable garden to be implanted. They were invited to take an active interest in the project.


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