The garden of Malanti is part of the “Garden of Skills” innovative project initiated by Designing Hope in 2020 which consists in associating on the same site a “Garden Forest”, in the middle of which will be built an activity and training centre in the fields of agroecology, agroforestry, craftsmanship, and micro-project management.

Malanti Garden, Eswatini

Designing Hope and its local partner in Eswatini, the association Fundzisa Live, acquired a one-hectare plot of land in September 2020 in Malanti, a village which is located 20km from Piggs Peak on the road to the capital, Mbabane, to implement this project.
The Forest Garden is a principle developed in agroforestry consisting in enhancing the use of space by associating large trees, berries, market gardening and small livestock farming.

The varieties of trees will be varied, chosen for wood production, the production of nutritious leaves for humans (Moringa) or for use as fodder, fruit production, but also for their capacity to fertilise the soil, reduce evaporation and allow market gardening in an optimised setting.
The activity and training centre will propose the activities currently offered to the women supported by the association, by making available workshops equipped for sewing, handicrafts, but also the
processing of garden products, and learning recipes chosen for their nutritional value. The sewing room will be much more adapted to the needs, and will allow the women to engage in more ambitious local projects, such as the provision of uniforms
school and to explore other markets, the manufacture of professional clothing, in the health sector for example, by promoting the close links they have established with the hospital.

Training “outside the walls” (agroecology, environmental awareness, nutrition) will be offered in the association’s partner schools, in addition to the visits of the garden.

A project supported by Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche,
with the additional fundings of Raja Foundation (Raja Awards 2020) and The Ivory Foundation

  • Discover below the progresses of Malanti Garden !

First cabins at Malanti’s garden, Eswatini

The construction of little cabins has just started. These cabins are the result of a local and sustainable economy: they have been made using wood from local forest production and have been assembled by a company located near the center. … Read More

Sweet potato installation at Malanti garden, Eswatini

The development of the Malanti field is ongoing and the plantations begin with sweet potatoes! This species is particularly well adapted to the landscape of small mountains and hills with rocks in Eswatini, as well as its tropical climate. The … Read More

Soil preparation at the Garden of Skills

The malanti field has been completely cleared. The grass that has been removed will be used for compost as well as for mulching the crops. In addition, the sweet potatoes that were planted a little over a month ago are … Read More

Creation of the access road to the Malanti site

Malanti Garden is located about 20 km from Piggs Peak, high up on the main road to Mbabane, the capital of Eswatini. This makes it a popular and easily accessible location for the surrounding population. However, as the Malanti garden … Read More

Work begins on the Malanti garden!

The first developments began in Malanti Garden, north of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland). As the seasons are reversed compared to the northern hemisphere, it is currently summer in this part of the world, but it is also the rainy season. The … Read More