Planting of fertilizer trees – Bala, Senegal

“A fertilizer tree is a tree whose activity enriches the topsoil of a land, improves its texture and favors its structuring” – Dupriez-de- Leener, 1993. There are several methods for planting fertilizer trees around the perimeter of a market garden. … Read More

Planting activity with children – Bala, Senegal

The children of the center and the staff are interested in the installation of this new garden. Today, we planted peppers with the children of the midwife, Anne-Marie, and the head nurse, Ousmane Barry.

Seedlings with the clod press – Bala, Senegal

The Ivory Foundation has made available a clod press at the Bala center that is used to make compact blocks of soil for seedlings that require larger cups. With seeds from the seed project’s partner, Agrosemens, Abdourahmane and Aurélien, on … Read More

First plantation in Bala – Senegal

With the installation of the greenhouse, it is the right time to transplant tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, peppers and lWith the installation of the greenhouse, it is the right time to transplant tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, chili peppers and lettuce. These … Read More

Installation of the greenhouse – Bala, Senegal

The greenhouse for the Bala health center, ordered from a designer based in Dakar, was brought to the site and assembled by 3 technicians with the help of Abdourahmane and the employees of the medical center.  The greenhouse is made … Read More

The rainy season in Bala – Bala, Senegal

Rainy season or winter season in Senegal starts slowly in April with the arrival of the monsoon which gradually invades the country. Rainfall increases slowly at first until August when it peaks. In September, the decrease is marked and in … Read More

Preparation of crop beds – Bala, Senegal

Following a plan, the crop beds were prepared by Abdourahmane, the person in charge of the garden, and Aurélien, on a mission for the foundation, before the installation of the greenhouse, according to a grid allowing free movement in and … Read More

Seeding of fertilizer trees – Bala, Senegal

By partnering with APAF, an association for the promotion of fertilizer trees, The Ivory Foundation wishes to use the benefits of agroforestry in the seed production process. Several species of trees have been planted in the nursery: Mellifera, Leucaena, Gliricidia, … Read More

First sprouts in Bala, Senegal

After only 3 days, the first shoAfter only 3 days, the first sprouts of different varieties of tomatoes or eggplants are emerging from the patches. In the cultivation protocol, a regular report of the number of successfully germinated seeds and mature … Read More

Beginning of seedling in the center of Bala – Senegal

At the Bala health center, trays are being prepared with seeds from the project’s partner, Agrosemens: tomatoes, eggplants, chili peppers, bell peppers and lettuce. The trays were purchased in the region of Mbour, in Sandiara, because they are not available … Read More

Installation of a compost in Bala – Senegal

Every day, the center’s kitchen prepares the staff’s meals and the cooks make vegetable and fruit peelings available f Every day, as the center’s kitchen prepares meals for the staff, cooks provide vegetable and fruit peeling for the recently-set-up compost.A … Read More

The land before the work – Bala, Senegal

The Ivory Foundation has chosen to set up a pilot garden in the Bala health center, which will be dedicated to the production of organic seeds that will provide seeds for the populations of the 40 villages that are visited by … Read More