A new Traversine garden in the 12th arrondissement of Paris

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On 5 July 2021, Designing Hope signed an agreement with Paris Habitat to take charge of the development of a garden in the Villiot-Rapée residence.

This new garden is named Traversine Villiot and is a logical complement to the first Traversine garden located a few metres away in the Bercy school. It is a triangle-shaped garden located in the centre of the residence, positioned between two buildings, with an access on Villiot street.

In order to remodel the garden, we had to dismantle all the structures that had been installed previously. In this garden, which had been abandoned for several years, nature had reclaimed its rights, particularly brambles, nettles, and quackgrass. The first step was to do a thorough weeding of all the roots to prevent them from growing back in the future.

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